Did you know Dr. Evans and Dr. Bishop filmed a sizzle reel for a reality TV series? Well, they did and are only slightly embarrassed by it!

This came to be because Dr. Evans and Bishop started working on an idea to travel down through Central and South America and provide free veterinary care to remote villages along the way (while also stopping to surf – but that was definitely a secondary reason as far as they will ever admit). They started making these plans prior to Dr. Bishop even starting veterinary school! Both doctors had spent a considerable amount of time in various parts of that region and fell in love with the people, the land, the culture, and also saw the animal need that exists there as well. Since Dr. Evans already had a mobile/housecall practice, working in the field would not be anything new and they believed they could do a lot of good along the way.

It was speaking with friends about this idea that connected them to a producer, Josh Haygood, who is also an animal lover and instantly connected with their vision. He offered to create a sizzle reel to see if there would be any way to get funding for the trip to be filmed as they were sure it would be an intense and gripping adventure.

While the funding never materialized, both doctors keep the idea alive and hope to someday (with or without cameras) complete this dream and bring their skill set to animals who don’t otherwise have access to the care that they deserve.