Does your dog smell like maple syrup? Well, we have been getting a bunch of calls on this all week. The good news is, if your pet is otherwise happy, healthy, and not showing any signs other than smelling like maple syrup all of a sudden – it is likely one of two things:

1) they may be covered in maple syrup.

2) If they recently were running around outside through areas of native vegetation, they likely came in contact with California Cudweed ((Pseudognaphalium californicum). The plant gives off a pleasant odor reminiscent of maple syrup.

To learn more about California Cudweed, click here.

You do not need to rush your dog into us if they start smelling sweet like this. If you look online, the internet will tell you that your dog has diabetes and they need to be rushed right in. If your dog is not drinking an excessive amount of water, urinating more than normal, has a ravenous appetite while losing weight at the same time, then it is highly unlikely to have diabetes. So again, if your pet is otherwise acting normally at home, continue to watch them and if you are still concerned, bring them into us so we can make sure there is nothing else going on.

And remember, there are much worse smells they could have picked up from your morning walk 🙂