6th Annual Pet Haiku Contest Submissions

Here is a full listing of the 2018 pet haiku entries

2018 Pet Haiku Winners

4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Editor's Choice

The 2018 Winner:

You: I hope she knew

Her: Yes, I did and do know

I had a great life.

Karen C.

4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Reader's Choice

The 2018 Winner:

first rule of bite club:

silence—remove the squeaker

from the plush dog toy

Emily P.

2018 Honorable Mention


From a tiger line

Purring companion with claws

Still biting your hand

Justin G

With bright shining eyes,

Cold noses, tongues that will kiss

Have you felt such bliss?

Cathi R

Ears parted to hear

Alert to slightest movement

Patiently waiting

Karen W

2018 Youth Honorable Mention

My Pluff is so white

He sometimes frolics outside.

Then he plops down. Sleep.

Tate, age 14

Back to the Bugs!

Listen to them all

They don’t have to go to school

Crickets are lucky!

Grayson, Age 8


Hawks soaring with fish

Swooping their talons at fish

Feeding their babies

Dane, Age 8

2018 Complete List of Entries

cats are not my friends
haiku rhyme they always win
grumble grumble grrr

Stanley/Aylish F

Oh to be a hound
Squeaky toys R all around
Master’s voice…Happy

Stanley/Aylish F

Boxer wiggle butt

Makes us all laugh like crazy

Hyper as can be

Nicole C

He stole my pizza

my dog thinks he is funny

tasty calories

Nicole C

Boxers and jeep rides.

Head out the window with drool.

Someone wash my jeep.

Nicole C

Sadie is now well.

You’ve given her a new life.

Thank you to Coastal!

Jim W

No other so true

Soft gaze, devoted to you

Always by your side

Amy S

What is wrong with you?

Why aren’t you giving me treats?

Give. Me. Some. Treats. Now.

Tasha H

I await thine leave.

From the waste basket, eat I.

Guilt reveals mine crime.

Erin W

Intently focused

A shadow, a reflection

What do you see there?

Karen W

Ears parted to hear

Alert to slightest movement

Patiently waiting

Karen W

Complete abandon

Focused on present moment

No worries or fears

Karen W

The front door bell rings…
Are they here to kill us all?
Bark Bark Woof Woof Growl!

Marjory L

just when you thought I

could not sleep closer to you

you were wrong again


Emily P