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Coastal Animal Hospital is Encinitas’ newest veterinary clinic, offering full service veterinary care for your dog and cat family member.

Browse our lobby, exam rooms, and the rest of our complete facility to see if we are a good fit to care for your pet. Coastal Animal Hospital is a new veterinary clinic located in Encinitas on Highway 101 in North San Diego county.  Our hospital uses only state-of-the-art veterinary equipment and modern procedures to ensure a safe & quick recovery for your loved ones.

Come, Sit, Stay while your pet is being examined and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee or an ice cold beverage while using the free WIFI to stay connected.

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Sizzle Reel

  Did you know Dr. Evans and Dr. Bishop filmed a sizzle reel for a reality TV series? Well, they did and are only slightly embarrassed by it! This came to be because Dr. Evans and Bishop started working on an idea to travel down through...

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Rattlesnake vaccines. Are they effective?

One of the funny things about living in Southern California is knowing that some people won’t go hiking because they are terrified of rattlesnakes. They think as soon as they step foot onto a trail, a horde of vicious, fanged menaces are going to leap out and inject...

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How dangerous is anesthesia for my pet?

Let's talk about anesthesia. To pet owners, it can sound like a scary thing to be avoided at all costs. To us veterinarians, though, it is a daily and necessary part of keeping your pet healthy. When we do it well and safely, we can fix common pet problems like broken...

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