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Loving Hands Veterinary Services – When we are unavailable to perform these services, we recommend these truly caring and gentle veterinarians.


Nationwide Whole Pet with Wellness – this link gives our clients an additional 5% off the normal pricing. Note: We do not recommend their other plans – Major Medical or Pet Wellness, they are not good insurance plans. For any questions or help signing up, contact their local representative – Jessica Sanchez at 714-986-6233)

Pet plan – A traditional pet insurance company (only covers injuries and illnesses, no wellness coverage) that has a great plan.


PetZam – We can connect for follow up appointments over the internet via “Video Consultations”. This can be less stressful for your pet and more efficient for you.


CareCredit – Short term credit. Typical terms are 6 months no-interest. This is a great option if an emergency occurs – just make sure it can be paid in 6 months or the interest is really high.

PaymentBanc – used for our Wellness Plan monthly installment payments


Pet Nutrition Alliance: Calorie calculators for Dogs and Cats (especially useful if we recommended weight loss)

Raw Meat Diet: Fact v. Fiction

Home Cooked Diet formulation:


Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein Cat Food: High animal protein, low carbohydrate. This is the most similar diet to what feral cats eat. We recommend feeding wet food, if possible.


APHIS Pet Travel – Reliable information from the USDA on pet travel requirements – international and interstate. – Reliable information on a variety of diseases, drugs, and general health information

ASPCA Poison Control – 888-426-4435

Microchip Number Lookup – Make sure your pet’s info is up to date


Tailio – At home health monitoring for your cat. Tailio daily monitors your cat’s weight, waste output, and litter box behavior and can alert you to any subtle signs of health issues – which is nice because cats are very subtle.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Feeder – If you can’t physically separate your cats at mealtime or you need to keep your dogs out of their food, this is a slick way to make sure the food goes to the right pet.

NoBowl Cat Feeder

LitterKwitter – Teach your cat to stop using the litter box and use the toilet like he was always meant to. Litter Kwitter is a 3 step system to total litter box freedom.


Natural Solutions – We DO NOT recommend the rattlesnake vaccine. Rattlesnake avoidance classes are a better solution.

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