4th Annual Pet Haiku Contest Submissions

Here is a full listing of the 2016 pet haikus
4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Editor's Choice

The 2016 Editor’s Choice Winner:

In my quiet space

My pet sees me through forests

And back to the bright

Fawn C.


Tuna Two Ways:

The cat poops today

Had tuna in the belly

Dog’s sushi meal!

Evelyn B.

Express Mail

My dog gets the mail

But not much like a small snail

I just watch the tail  

Evelyn B.

We love Coastal Vets

Woofed Luna and Camey

They Keep Us Healthy

Karen C.


Shiba inu love

Black and Tan bad boy Derby

Joy, soft fur, wet kisses

Laura H.

Why we live here: 

Shibas and sunsets

Leucadia Beacon’s Beach

Caught the green flash YAY

Laura H.

True Happiness:

Peaceful waves rippling

fiery glory of sunset

Derby at Beacon’s

Laura H.

Sun Salutations

Downward Dog Barking Spider

Surprise Amusement

Samuel Family

Given Name By Youth

Bixby Sweetheart Unicorn

Friend Companion Dog

Samuel Family

My Puggles are two

Boundless energy, crazy

Asleep by seven
Tatiana S.

4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Reader's Choice

The 2016 Reader’s Choice Winner:

Cat Invades:

Mesmerizing grace

The love on a whiskered face

Cat invades this space

Justin G.


By Livingston (the cat):

I know you hide treats

I know they are behind you

Stop messing with me

Tasha H.

That stupid baby

All the time throwing food ’round

I love that baby

Neal Y.

brown eyes stare at me

beard rivulets dripping down

Aylish saying hi

Stan F.

puppy energy

wonderful new addition

go go wears me out

Stan F.

By Minnie Moo the Adventure Kitty:




Minnie M

Harbor is nutty

But I love him so much more

He is my crazy

Nicole R.

Saturday off:

Furry cheek on mine

Lying in bed Saturday morning,

Kitty cuddle time.

Beth M.

A new life begins

Uncertainty washed away

Courageous puppy

Kristen C.

Pets, we have them all

Dogs, cavies, millipedes too

Happy but sleepy

Tatiana S.

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