5th Annual Pet Haiku Contest Submissions

Here is a full listing of the 2017 pet haiku entries

2017 Pet Haiku Winners

4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Editor's Choice
The 2017 Editor’s Choice Winner:

Sleek, black, shadow-like

Slips between branches unseen

All whiskers and paws

Steve C.

4th Annual Pet Haiku Winner - Reader's Choice
The 2017 Elementary School Winner:


Sunshine on the cat

Flowers in the cat’s big dreams

Clouds in the flower’s eyes

Anjali, age 8

2017 Adult Honorable Mention

Squeaker toys abound

But no squeaker can be found

stuffing everywhere

Stanley/Aylish F

pink belly exposed

trading dignity for a

scratch behind the ears

Patricia W.

your neck is so warm

walking on adams apple

can you even breathe

Erin H.

2017 Elementary Honorable Mention

Little Red:

Chicken pecks at night

She finds a brown coyote

She falls deep in love

Avalon, age 8

Cool Duck:

I am a fierce duck

I swim in a large cold pond

I like my big life

Chase, age 8

My Hamster:

I have a hamster

He likes broccoli and fruit

He is very cute

Tyler, age 8

2017 Complete List of Entries

Brown eyed whiskered face

smiles with innocence and grace

kibble everywhere

Stanley/Aylish F

Arf we go again

Haiku rhyme is not my friend

Drop that biscuit now!

Stanley/Aylish F

Oh to be a hound

Happy that my owner found

A place for me not the pound

Stanley/Aylish F

Coastal Animal

A haiku they’ve requested

arf arf arf meow!

Stanley/Aylish F

She loves her Squeakies

She can catch her Blue Frisbee

Noire, The Rock Star

Brenda F.

My Cat caught a Mouse

And a Great Big Lizard, too

Roxy is The Queen

Brenda F.

She taught me to Rest

She helps us Chill in The Nest

My Pups is The Best

Brenda F.

computer is on

there is still a spot for me

don’t mind if I do

Erin H.

pug snores so deeply

no fan can block this discord

only one here sleeps

Erin H.

I need my milk now

walking between your swift legs

you trip and I win

Erin H.

shake that kibble box

you become my great hero

now top off my bowl

Erin H.

Our best friend, Ponto

Adopted as a puppy

He found his humans…

Ava C.

Waffles the pitbull

she wants to live in Mammoth

please let it happen

Miles W.

Harbor is a brat

I love his squishy face

he hogs the whole bed

Nicole C.

Proud, calm, knowing all

Waiting for gentle caress

Patient love surrounds

Steve C.

Wary he watches

Carefully treading away

Leaps up to safety

Steve C.

Once I owned a cat

He was orange, furry and cute

Now the cat owns me

Jessica B.

Betty the Teaser:

Come on! Lets’s play now.

Catch me with this old slipper

Your shoes make good toys

Mike T.

Lazy old man now

don’t ask me to write a poem

my dog is my life

Mike T.

Casa de Walnut

Bunny does the wiggle hop

Bird says, “wah wah wah”

Kelley A.

The loyalty of a pet

So dear when you’re far or near

Equal devotion earned in return

Kristi M.