A transcript of the video is provided below:

Today, I want to talk to you about our patient of the day, Milo. Milo came in to us because she was incessantly sneezing. When we see dogs do this, a lot of them have something like a foxtail up their nose. Her owner brought her in to us today and we’re here to figure out what’s going on.

Dogs that have a foxtail up their nose require general anesthesia to evaluate and find the foreign body. Imagine how irritating it must be to 1) have one, a foxtail up your nose, but 2) a camera going after it and pulling it out. So, when she’s under deep anesthesia, we put our camera up her nose and use graspers to grab the foxtail and pull it out. And, luckily, we found it right away in Milo.¬†Foxtails have these barbs on them that make them go one direction up the nose and they keep getting further and further in and they typically don’t come out on their own. So, we have to go up there and pull these things out from the nooks and crannies they find themselves in.

Milo is recovering nicely from her procedure and she did great. These foxtails are such a small piece of material but causes a lot of irritation. We are glad we were able to get in and remove this thing right away and get her back on the road to recovery. If your dog has a foxtail, is sneezing incessantly, or shaking their head all of a sudden, definitely bring them in for an exam. We can take a look and figure out what needs to happen to make them feel better. Give us a call. 760-633-2254.