A transcript of the video is provided below:

We’re here to talk to you today about vaccines and why even our vaccines are better than everywhere else and how we’re really looking at every aspect of veterinary medicine and trying to improve it and give you the best recommendations possible.

The Distemper-Parvo vaccine is the most common vaccine your dog is going to get in their life, and it’s really the most important out of everything because this is what’s really going to make them sick. Our vaccine is better for a couple of reasons, and this is what we’re really excited about. One reason is because every vaccine that is given is 1 cc (1 ml) and this is the first vaccine that’s out there that’s only 0.5 cc. There’s a couple of benefits of that. One, it’s just a more comfortable injection because they’re not getting such a big volume under their skin, so it will hurt a little bit less, especially for the small dogs. But the technology that gets it down to 0.5 cc is new filtration technology. They are able to filter out all of the extracellular debris that was in there so it’s a more pure vaccine. So theoretically there is less chance of a vaccine reaction, which is also great. The real reason why we’re very excited about this vaccine is because up until about 10 years ago, this Distemper Parvo vaccine was given once a year every single year, and that’s the way it was done. Then there was a big group of veterinarians that came together and made a statement saying that these vaccines actually last longer than one year, and they’re good for up to three years. Well, this company is actually standing behind their product and saying that it lasts at least four years. So this is the longest protocol that’s out on the market. And as of right now, we’re the only hospital that is offering this longer protocol in San Diego. So this means they’re gonna get as effective of a vaccine but less vaccines over the course of their life, so less chance of having things like vaccine reactions, which we think is really great and really important.

So this is one example of how Coastal Animal Hospital is doing everything we can to give you the best and the most up-to-date recommendations. If you want to get your animal in for an exam and we can give them this new longer lasting vaccine, just give us a call and visit us at sdcoastalanimal.com.