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Puppy Wellness Plans

These all inclusive plans are everything you need to give your puppy a great start!

Congratulations! You have a new puppy which is exciting, tiring, and can be a little scary! Don’t worry, we are here to help clarify and debunk all of the rumors, myths, and, well, nonsense that is so prevalent on the internet, at dog parks, and cut through the marketing claims at the pet stores. We have lots of info and blog posts about what vaccines we recommend and when they should get them. Our entire puppy basics speech is also available too which is helpful to watch prior to your first new puppy exam.

We have puppy packages which are inclusive of what every puppy needs to get them through their first year of life. It even includes all of their exams at Coastal during their first year in case you are worried that they may have gotten in to the medicine cabinet and ate a years supply of your personal stash of Flinstone’s Multivitamins (they taste so good!). We also have packages that include a neuter or Coastal’s less painful laparoscopic spay. If you haven’t heard about this procedure – peruse our page on lap spays and find out why we don’t perform traditional spays any more – because why would you want more pain?

What is not included in these Wellness plans is pet insurance. We highly recommend purchasing pet insurance prior to your first appointment as many plans have a 14 day waiting period before any benefits kick in. Our recommended companies are: 1. PetPlan 2. Pumpkin and 3. ASPCA Complete Coverage. Read our blog post which discusses the pros and cons of each company.


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A one time $50 administrative fee is applied at plan initiation. This fee is waived if the plan is paid in full at the time of signing up.

NB: Services performed prior to the day of activating a wellness plan cannot be retroactively applied. 

NB: 12 month supply of flea and heartworm medication is for 12 doses of each medication. For animals over 100lbs that require a combination of sizes based on their weight, the additional doses of medication can be purchased at a 15% discount. 

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