Roadmap to Lifelong Health and Anxiety-Free Pet Ownership

Watch the video below and see how Coastal Animal Hospital is different from any other hospital you have ever visited. Here we lay out our clear plan to keep your pet healthy for life and keep your pet from adding stress to your life! This 30 minute mini-webinar will bring your pet’s health in to a new light.

To learn more about our Wellness Plans that include unlimited examinations, the core vaccines, annual blood work, and all other preventative care items – see the link below that fits your need:

Adult and Senior Dog


Adult and Senior Cat


You may have seen other wellness plans at other veterinary hospitals (maybe even a big corporate one inside of a large pet store), but please do not confuse what they do and what we do. Many of the wellness plans that are out there are loaded with a bunch of unnecessary stuff to increase the perceived value of the plans but are really just fluff. Most of the plans DO NOT include a year supply of flea and antiparasitics (heartworm) medications. Ours do. When you add in that expense, our plan is more affordable than the large corporate plans and it actually provides for what your pet needs. If you have gotten this far and haven’t watched the entire video above – PLEASE do so! We promise you will learn how to better care for your pet and understand why we have each of these items in our Wellness Plan.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we can help answer any questions, schedule an appointment, or just chat about how great San Diego is.

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