The HANA (Help-A-Needy-Animal) Fund

A 510(c)3 non profit fund helping to prevent economic euthanasia for curable diseases

The HANA (Help-A-Needy-Animal) fund (HANAPETFUND.ORG) is a 501(c)3 non-profit fund whose mission is to prevent “economic euthanasia” in pets. “Economic euthanasia” is the sad reality that pets are euthanized not due to a poor prognosis or an inability to cure disease, but are euthanized because the cost of treating the disease is insurmountable. Funds go to provide life-saving surgeries and treatments for curable diseases in pets where no or limited funds are available. There is a lot of need out there in the animal world and this fund is here to make our little corner of the world better for our local animals and animal lovers.

HANA Fund Rescue Black Cat Chilly resting
Chilly was our first recipient of the HANA fund. He came to us with severe skin allergies and an owner who could no longer care for him. We took him and and got his skin back to health. We loved the little guy so much we couldn’t let him go. He was our official hospital greeter for 4 years (28 cat years) and is now retired at our hospital manager’s home.
HANA Fund Rescue Black and White Puppy with cone
Sunny is an adorable puppy that came to us hours away from death with a severe parvo infection.  She needed intensive hospitalization and care and because of the generous donations made by our clients, she made her way to a full recovery. Once she was back to full strength, we found her a loving forever home.
HANA Fund Daisy
Daisy was in dire need of surgery because she ate a rubber bouncy ball that was too big to pass through her intestines. Without surgery, intestinal obstructions are fatal conditions and Daisy was getting worse day by day. Her owner was denied care due to lack of finances and contacted the HANA fund for help. Coastal Animal Hospital was able to remove the intestinal obstruction and get Daisy back to feeling well.
HANA Fund encinitas veterinary animal non profit
Ella was denied care at another hospital due severe financial constraints. Her tail had a severe wound and after 2 weeks the tail was dying and the infection was starting to spread. Her owner reached out to us and with the HANA fund we were able to amputate her tail. She now has a cute little stump and is doing great!

Help An Animal In Need

You can help unwell and homeless animals. Donations go directly to the care of an animal in need. It’s easy to donate!

Will you Help-A-Needy-Animal (HANA)?

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