Cone Of Shame Gallery

What better way to celebrate these nearly-back-to-normal animals than to show them off when they are at their silliest?

Coastal Animal Hospital is proud of our pets that are in their healing phase and what better way to celebrate these nearly-back-to-normal animals than to show them off when they are at their silliest – while wearing the infamous Cone of Shame. Feel free to upload photos of your pets who are banging around your house, getting stuck in doorways, knocking in to the chairs, and generally creating havoc around the house. Whether you call them lampshades, party hats, satellite dishes, or any other embarrassing monikers, we want to see the dogs and cats of North County proudly funneling radio frequencies for their pet owners!

We hope you enjoy our Cone of Shame Photo Gallery. The Coastal Team is always looking for more photos so submit yours today.


HANA Fund Puppy with Cone of Shame

Upload a photo for the cone of shame gallery and tell us what got them in to this situation.

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